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Sunday Sermon: Idol Traditions (Mark 7:1-23)

The message this past Sunday was about the difference between self-made religion and a God-made relationship. When Jesus encounters the Pharisees, He pushes against their belief that they are justified by keeping what he calls the “tradition of the elders.” The appropriate question to ask is, do we consider ourselves moral/good because of what we do or because of what God has done? Here is the link:

Urgent Truth: Idol Traditions


I Will Rise

There are many songs on the new Chris Tomlin CD which I enjoy, but the one that speaks to me the most is the song “I Will Rise.” Here is a video of Chris explaining how he came to write this song. I encourage you to listen to his explanation and then listen to the song itself by following this link: I Will Rise.

Sunday Sermon: I Am (Mark 6:45-52)

The message yesterday focused on three questions about Jesus’ presence in the midst of our trials. How does Jesus reveal Himself in the midst of trials? Why does Jesus reveal Himself in the midst of trials? And, what is our responsibility when Jesus reveals Himself in the midst of trials? The answers to these questions are discovered by the disciples at approximately 3 am when they see Jesus walking on the water. The text begs us to ask, how do we handle trials when they come? Here is the link…

Urgent Truth: I Am

Evangelical Collapse? No

Here is a link to an article written by Todd Rhoades at Monday Morning Insight. Todd lays out the main points of a controversial column written by Michael Spencer (a.ka. The Internet Monk). Spencer’s article has received a lot of attention on the blogs and is not worth republishing here, although, Todd does give a link if you would like to read further. Anyway, the discussion is one that is worth having, even if I have made up my mind that the answer is “no.” Check it out.

Sunday Sermon: Compassionate Christ Followers (Mark 6:32-43)

Today’s message was about how we as Christ followers are expected to be compassionate. The setting is a “desolate place” as Mark refers in the text. The result is a miraculous banquet. We are forced to ask ourselves after reading this passage tough questions. How compassionate am I, really? How far am I willing to go to meet the desperate needs of others? I pray that your heart will be open to learning about the compassion of Jesus Christ as you listen.

Urgent Truth: Compassionate Christ Followers

Magnificent, U2

This is a video of U2 preforming live on Letterman. I chose to post this song because of the lyrics. Instrumentally, the song is equally as amazing. Listen closely and see if you can guess who they are singing about. I’ll give you a clue, here are a couple of lines… “Justified until we die, you and I will magnify, The Magnificent…only love could leave such a mark, only love could heal such a scar…” The answer to why U2 has enjoyed such longevity is anwered with this new CD. (Selling 145 million albums and receiving 22 Grammy Awards doesn’t hurt either.) They continue to write great melodies and lyrics that come from the heart.  If you haven’t picked it up yet, by all means get it. You will not be disappointed.

Sunday Sermon:The Cost of Following (Mark 6:14-32)

The message today was about the cost of following Jesus. Mark relates to us the account of the death of John the Baptist and what it has to teach us about the difficulties of ministry and life. I hope that  you enjoy.

Urgent Truth: The Cost of Following