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Grateful For A Youth Pastor Who Can Preach!

This is a message that was given by our youth pastor at FBC, Trey Bechtold. He filled in for me when I was away recently seeing my wife graduate from college in Arizona. As a pastor, I am always grateful when I know for certain that I have left the pulpit in capable hands. Trey’s message gives evidence that my confidence does not come up lacking. He challenges us from the OT text of Deut. 6:4-9 to hear the word of the Lord and to do something in response. I know that you will be convicted and changed if you listen. Here is the link:



Mother’s Day Sermon

Here is a message that was preached on Mother’s Day by one of the deacons of FBC, Ron Hughes. He gives a great challenge to us as church members regarding the role that our moms have played in our lives. Enjoy!

Only A Mom?

Urgent Truth: Who Am I? (Mark 8:27-30)

This message relates and explains the conversation that Jesus has with His disciples at Caesarea Philippi. Why would Jesus choose such a place to reveal that He is the Christ? Do the questions that He asked have implications for our lives today? The answers can be found in a close examination of this text. Please listen and be prepared to respond when Jesus says to you, who do you say that I am?

Urgent Truth: Who Am I?

Urgent Truth: Do You See?

The message Sunday centered on the urgent truth that if we fail to see or understand who Jesus is, then our hearts could become hardened. The disciples in this passage learn this truth and much more. In fact, Jesus heals a blind man who is a picture of the disciple’s present and future understanding of Jesus. Hope that you enjoy listening.

Urgent Truth: Do You See?

Taking Risks

Here is a great video from Francis Chan that illustrates how we are to take risks for the sake of the gospel. He does a great job explaining visually what most people do when it comes to living the Christian life. Take a look…