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Engage: Innocent Lights (Philippians 2:14-18)

We are in our second week of studying the connection that exists between missions and discipleship at FBC. The message this week focuses on how we can correctly engage the sinful culture that exists in this country. We learn here that the Gospel produces life when we are obedient to engage a dark culture.

Engage: Innocent Lights


Biblical Greek Can Make You Do Funny Things…

If you have ever studied Biblical Greek, then this video will be hilarious. If not, well….

Engage: Prove Your Love (Luke 10:25-37)

Today we began a new sermon series at FBC that centers on the connection which exists between missions and discipleship. The first of this six part series deals with the foundation of these, which is love. Taken from the account in Luke where Jesus converses with an expert in the law we see how to love God completely, so that we can engage in loving others correctly. I pray that you are challenged as you listen and interact with God’s word to love eternal life more than what this present life offers and to actively love others no matter what you may or may not gain.

Engage: Prove Your Love