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Doctrine: The Church (Part I)

Can the church be defined? Who belongs to the church? These questions are answered in this message from the series, Doctrine: Access to Truth.

Doctrine: The Church (Part I)


Doctrine: The Atonement

This is the fourth message in our series on the doctrines of the faith. Here we deal with the atonement, namely the work that Jesus accomplished on the cross to secure our salvation. The question the atonement forces upon us is, will we trust in the cross or will we trust in ourselves? We invite you to listen and come to an understanding of the significance of the cross.

Doctrine: The Atonement

Making the Leap

FrogDo you sometimes feel like life has you trapped in a bucket filled with dirt? The sides of the bucket are so high that there is no possible way you could ever get out? What do you do? You leap and maybe, just maybe, catch the edge of the bucket. Then, after all the effort, all you do is sit there. Freedom is just one more leap away, yet you are not able to bring yourself to follow through and jump.

The picture was taken by my children after they had caught a frog in the yard. They set him up a great environment in the bucket. He had dirt, grass, and even a rock to sit on. The only items missing were the ones that he needed the most, food and water. So, in desperation he jumped and landed on the edge. As I looked out of the window, I caught site of him suspended on the edge between captivity and freedom. I thought to myself, “Either he is enjoying his new found position (translation: how in the world did I ever get up here!),” or “I am unsure if I can make it from the bucket to the ground.” Okay, I realize he is just a frog, but stay with me for a moment.

How many times do we allow ourselves to be captured by people or situations that seem more powerful than we are? How often do we prefer to stay in the bucket rather than enjoy our freedom? If Jesus Christ has set us free, and He has, then why do we suspend ourselves between captivity and freedom? Many times, we are content to just perch on the edge, legs in the bucket and noses tasting the freedom of the wide open spaces. Does life have to be this way? The simple answer is no. Wisdom comes when we understand why Jesus has given us freedom.

Act as free men, and do not use your freedom as a covering for evil, but use it as slaves of God. – 1 Peter 2:16

The ironic nature of our freedom in Christ is that we have been set free, if you will, from “the bucket” not so that we may abuse our freedom, but rather so that we might use our freedom to submit to a new Master. If you are living with one leg in the bucket, then you are not truly free. Make the leap and never look back. Only then will you find true freedom.

Doctrine: Sin

This is the third message in the series we are studying at FBC on the key doctrines of the faith. The message posted here seeks to answer the questions, what is sin? where did sin come from? who is responsible for sin? and, what must be done about sin? Please take time to listen and ask the question, will I live for my sin or die to my sin?

Doctrine: Sin

Prayer for GCR

Here is a link where you can sign up and commit to pray for the GCR (Great Commission Resurgence). They are asking for 5,000 people to pray for this movement. If you have not yet signed up to pray, now is the time to do so. This website also offers some great information about the GCR Task Force and the goals set forth by the SBC that they will seek to meet.