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Urgent Truth: Spiritual Pride (Mark 9:38-50)

This week we continued looking at the danger of thinking more of ourselves than we think of Jesus. The message focused on the question: Is spiritual pride present in my life? Someone may ask, “So what if it is present? Why should I care?” Jesus gives a striking answer to His disciples and to us: the presence or absence of spiritual pride may determine where you spend eternity.

Click on the link here to listen:

Urgent Truth: Spiritual Pride


Urgent Truth: First Place (Mark 9:30-37)

The desire to be first is not a concept invented by Americans. In fact, the disciples struggled with this very attitude. In this week’s message we seek to answer the question: do you know what following Jesus is supposed to look like? Take a listen, and we hope that you discover the answer.

Urgent Truth: First Place

Urgent Truth: If You Can (Mark 9:9-29)

This week’s message centers on our unconditional faith in the ability of Jesus to do anything. We see this through the experience of a man who comes to Jesus with a desperate need, namely, a demon-possessed son. The dialogue between this man and Jesus reveals the need for our weak faith to be strengthened by an all-powerful, all-suffucient Savior. As you listen, ask yourself the question: do I believe that Jesus can accomplish anything?

Urgent Truth: If You Can

Sports Idols?

Here is a video that demonstrates the folly of idolizing our professional athletes or celebrities in general. Serena’s outburst was one of the worst that I have ever seen. (Which is saying a lot considering I grew up watching John McEnroe play tennis). Serena’s incident as well as Kanye West’s stunt at the MTV VMAs towards Taylor Swift both beg a great question for us not only as Americans, but especially as Christians: should we be idolizing these people? Do we put too much pressure on our athletes and celebrities to be so perfect that their “falls from grace” are becoming increasingly severe? I would be interested to hear your responses.

Urgent Truth: Transformation (Mark 9:1-10)

We are back to studying the Gospel of Mark on Sunday mornings! I am excited to once again dive into the life and ministry of Jesus Christ and to be faced with the truth there that demands our attention. This week’s message is an explanation of the Mount of Transfiguration. There we see a call for our lives to be transformed as we witness the unveiling of the glory of Jesus Christ. Click on the link below to listen.

Urgent Truth: Transformation

Doctrine: The Church (Part II)

This is the last message in the series on Doctrine: Access to Truth. Here we explore the purposes and expectations of the church.

Doctrine: The Church (Part II)

Missions Moment

This video is a powerful reminder of why we should and must do missions “to the uttermost parts of the earth.” I challenge, rather, I dare you to not be moved to action after watching.