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Urgent Truth: Loyalty

“How hard it will be for those who are wealthy to enter the kingdom of God!” (Mark 10:23, NASB) These words spoken by Jesus are difficult and often misunderstood. Jesus is getting at our loyalties. Are we owned by our possessions or are we owned by Jesus? Our loyalty is defined by a relationship.

Urgent Truth: Loyalty


Urgent Truth: Simple Trust (Mark 10:13-16)

Will you trust in the Kingdom that Jesus has established or will you continue trying to build your own kingdom? This is the question we deal with as we continue our series through the Gospel of Mark. For us as followers of Jesus, we are to have simple trust. We are to receive the Kingdom like a child would receive it – in humility, knowing our need for complete dependence on the object of our trust, Jesus Christ.

Urgent Truth: Simple Trust

The Problem of Pain

The Problem of PainRecently, I completed a book review on C.S. Lewis’ The Problem of Pain. One of the questions which Lewis poses is worthwhile to offer up for discussion. He states that the real question is not why do people suffer, but why do some people not suffer? There is no satisfactory answer given by Lewis. He does take a swipe at answering, but simply says that this is due to divine omnipotence. Maybe so, but certainly it would appear that this may be the one of the most important philosophical questions he raises. It deserves to be teased out and thought about for us as Christians. So, think about this question and then I would love to hear your response.

Urgent Truth: Permit or Commit (Mark 10:1-10)

We continue in the series on urgent truth by talking about a controversial issue in Jesus’ day that is eqially as controversial today, marriage and divorce. The Pharisees want to base their understanding of marriage on a permissible text given in Deuteronomy. Jesus takes them all the way back to Genesis to teach that God is Lord over the “one-flesh” marriage bond. Listen and be challenged where your marriage is concerned and ask yourself: am I living in the realm of permissibility or I am following what is commanded?

Urgent Truth: Permit or Commit