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A Secret? No Way!

I begin this post by saying something shocking. I am almost excited that the DaVinci Code starring Tom Hanks and directed by Ron Howard did as well as it did at the box office. I mean, what are we going to debate now that the movie has done so well? Which heresy is going to pop up next to test the tenets of Christianity and especially to test the person of Jesus Christ? I thought we would have to wait a little longer, but I guess I was wrong. Today I read in the KC Star that the same studio that bankrolled the DaVinci Code as a movie has now signed on to make Dan Brown’s book Angels and Demons into a feature film as well. The anticipation overwhelms me. Who will direct? Oliver Stone? Who will play the lead role? Tom Hanks or maybe Tom Cruise? Hey, if Tom Cruise signed on we could get double the heresy for our money. Nothing like a good dose of Jesus bashing mixed with a little Scientology to make your bottom lip quiver with anticipation of the media hype. Maybe we won’t even have to wait another year. As I am typing this a preview of the movie the Omen just ran. Obviously Hollywood couldn’t pass up remaking this film and releasing it on June 6, 2006. Think about it (666), that’s just too tempting to let go. I guess the point of all the sarcasm is to ask this; why are we getting our hackles up as Christians about things that are obviously ridiculous and can clearly be seen for what they are, namely an anathema that stands directly opposed to the gospel? I guess the right answer is that there really are people out there who are buying the garbage and misconceptions that Dan Brown and others are selling, the key word being “selling.” Ultimately, it all comes down to money. If it is sensational and it will sell, then the world will say “go for it.” People are obviously looking for something radical to believe in when the radical life they are seeking is right in front of their face. Think I am wrong? Just try reading the Bible sometime and really listen to the words of Jesus. This may be the best kept secret of all, something Dan Brown will never be able to measure up to no matter how many books he sells.

If you would like some “free” information on the DaVinci Code please visit and you will find some great resources to read and use.