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Prayer for GCR

Here is a link where you can sign up and commit to pray for the GCR (Great Commission Resurgence). They are asking for 5,000 people to pray for this movement. If you have not yet signed up to pray, now is the time to do so. This website also offers some great information about the GCR Task Force and the goals set forth by the SBC that they will seek to meet.


A Great Commission Resurgence

Today is the day that I have been waiting for as a Southern Baptist. Today is the day where a line in the sand has clearly been drawn. Either we are going to be a Convention that is about sharing the gospel with a lost world or we are not. Therefore, I will not be shy about saying that I am truly excited about the new direction of our Convention that is being laid forth by such men as Danny Akin, Alvin Reid, and now the President of the SBC, Johnny Hunt. This morning a new website went live that explains in detail what these men, and others, have been calling for, namely a Great Commission Resurgence (GCR). You can read the document and sign it at What can you do to get involved? Let me share a few ideas.

Pray – Sometimes this is the “drip pan” answer when presented with a challenge and sometimes we really don’t mean it, but in this case we must pray. Pray for the leaders of our Convention. Pray for the Convention to catch the vision of the importance of sharing the Gospel. Pray for our churches. Pray for our pastors. Pray for the members of our churches. Pray that the Enemy will not creep in and to distort and destroy. Pray. 

Go – Plan on going this year to the SBC Convention in Louisville, KY. If you are a younger leader/pastor in the Convention let me say this clearly, you must be there. An article was released today by Baptist Press explaining the theme of the annual meeting and from an initial reading it is apparent that there are two areas that will be focusedemphasized. One, the GCR and secondly, younger leaders being given a voice. Three out of five of the main speakers at the Convention are younger leaders/pastors in the SBC. Hunt is quoted in the article as follows, “We come across to the younger generation that we know they are there and we’re glad to hear what they are doing, but I’m not sure we have allowed them to speak into our life as a convention,” Hunt said. “We need to hear what they can bring to the table, what we can learn from them. Some may say, ‘This younger generation is so different. They are our problem.’ But if they are our problem, Southern Baptists have no future. We better come to the table of reasoning.” These are bold words and represent a statement that is long overdue. Thank you Dr. Hunt!

There will be much more that you can do and should do in the coming weeks and months. I truly believe that this is a movement worth getting behind. It is time for our Convention and the churches that make it up to get back to basics and make the main thing the main thing once again. This can only be achieved through a renewed commitment to the Great Commission. I am on board. How about you?

Southern Baptists Under 40

I read an outstanding article tonight written by Steven A. McKinion, who is a professor at SEBTS, that I believe captures very well where the under 40 age group is among the SBC and what they believe. As I was reading, I felt like he was describing me and where I am at as a pastor and as a Southern Baptist (I turn 38 in just a few months). Please take some time to read this well written article and ponder how we can better understand one another and ultimately learn to trust one another. Here is the link:

Late, Semi-Irrational, Single Alignment Blogging

I must confess that I am new to this whole concept of blogging, and being that it is late by my standards I will try to keep this initial entry short and to the point. Tonight my children were involved in their elementary school music program. They were wonderful, of course, and I must share that as my son sang ‘supercalifragilisticexpialadocious’ I began to feel my heart swell with pride. It is the longest word he has ever said, let alone the longest word his dad has ever spelled! Aside from the normalcies of fatherhood and the daily pressures of finishing a 25 page exegesis paper for a seminary class my mind has been wandering to the issues facing our convention with respect to single alignment. On the one hand, I understand the necessity for common confession of doctrine and let me be the first to say that my conservatism does run deep; but the issue of single alignment has never been effectively explained to me?? If anyone can offer a solution to this obvious concern I have, please don’t hesitate to respond. With the push towards a more conservative convention, have we and are we pushing out those churches who remain conservative doctrinally simply because they don’t ‘do church’ the same way as us or because they refuse to ‘officially’ confess church the same way we do? By all means, if the heresies are flowing, I am the first to say ‘thank you for playing, game over,’ but there seems to be much disagreements over ancillary issues that do not affect soteriology one iota. I am afraid we are going to lose good churches and good pastors because of this. Am I wrong?? Please tell me I am?Let me say this to close: why isn’t there more talk within Baptist circles about evangelism and missions? Where has the passion gone for the core concerns we are to have with respect to the ‘most important things’ in Scripture? These are the questions that keep me up late at night blogging. Someone please help, I have four kids and I need to sleep!