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Missions Moment

This video is a powerful reminder of why we should and must do missions “to the uttermost parts of the earth.” I challenge, rather, I dare you to not be moved to action after watching.


Missions is Fun

We are having a great time hosting a mission trip in Braymer this week. With approximately 150 missionaries on the field you can imagine that we are growing closer. (no pun intended) Worship has been fantastic. We are being led each night by a band called No Longer Quiet and Matt Marrs from Northland Baptist Church is preaching. When I say that worship is fantastic, I means that on a Tuesday night we had close to 180 people worshipping the Lord. Our normal Sunday morning averages 110-120. The construction crews are working hard and making great progress. The church is truly being transformed. Backyard Bible Clubs are seeing great results and the Evangelism Team has officially prayer walked and knocked on almost every door in Braymer! This week has taught me much with respect to missions and I can’t wait to see what impact this week makes on our church and our community for the long term. I am so proud of our church and it gives me such great joy to be their pastor! We all know that missions is hard work, but missions can also be fun. The video I have posted here proves the latter statement beyond a shadow of a doubt. This is the band No Longer Quiet having a great time. This, of course, is not the type of music they play, but simply a lesson for all of us to learn, missions is fun! Enjoy…

An Urgent Cry

I am including a link here to a recent Baptist Press article written by Danny Akin, President of Southeastern Seminary. As a father of two daughters, when I read this article my heart broke. If you choose to read, let me issue a couple of warnings. First, the content is not for children. Secondly, let me warn you as well that you need to prepare yourself to be challenged and brokenhearted over the plight of the people who live and walk in the spiritual darkness of Southeast Asia. The heart of the article comes as Danny poses a great question that we all must consider as followers of Jesus Christ. He asks, “…where did we ever get the idea that serving King Jesus is safe?” As you read, I believe you will discover the answer. Here is the link…

He’s Got the Whole World…

I mentioned in this morning’s message that one of the phases of God’s strategy for missions includes teaching willing servants to apprehend the nations. Willing servants means exactly what it means – anytime and anywhere. For us as a church, the anywhere includes Braymer this summer. I wonder if we have truly grasped the significance of what God is doing and just how huge this mission project has become? Someone said to me this morning that they felt inadequate for the mission task which lays ahead. As I thought about that statement, I realized that when we feel inadequate in ministry, that is often when we see God show up in a big way. I may be wrong, but I believe Paul had a little something to say about inadequacy (see 2 Cor. 2:14-16 and 3:4-6). Here’s my point. Missions is about relying totally on the Lord, realizing our adequacy is totally from Him, and that our part is just willing obedience. Anytime, anywhere…are you ready?

Missions-Minded or Missions-Hearted? What Will You Decide?

I often wondered growing up as a Southern Baptist why our legs seemed to turn to “Jello-O” and our eyes turned puffy-red when missions was brought up or talked about. No one ever adequately explained to me why grandma ratcheted up the checkbook and with trembling hands and a warm smile put her ‘mite’ into the offering plate for Annie or Lottie every year. “Who were these two girls and why do we need to pay them?” I thought to myself, “Surely, they must have a pretty important job!” No one gave the answers to my unspoken questions and at the time, I must confess, I was more concerned about riding my Big Wheel than learning the practical and theological nuances of missional endeavors. (Cut me some slack, after all, I was only 6 years old.) Much later in life I finally did learn the importance of missions and the impact that missions has both on us as individuals and as a church. Much later in life I could give you all the right answers about missions. I could articulate the stories of Annie and Lottie and their commitment to missions. I knew all the right verses and understood that this was something Jesus commanded us to do. Yet, I did not fully understand missions until I did missions. Here, I believe is where the line is drawn. One can say they are missions-minded and understand the crucial exegesis behind the passages, but being missions-minded is simply not enough. Yes, I did say that. Here is what I believe. I believe the bottom-line is that Jesus asks us to missions-hearted. The fact we must wrestle with is that a missions-minded church is not enough. Just talking about missions and applauding missionary speakers when they share is great, but it falls short of total obedience to Jesus’ commands. Jesus desires and craves a church that is missions-hearted. A church made up of resolute-hearted givers and goers that have a heart for the nations, namely, a church that has a heart for those who are hopelessly lost and walking in darkness. Is anything more important than this? A church that has a heart to encourage the fence-sitters who have never done missions to stand up, choose a side, pick the splinters out of their behind, and sit no longer. A church that is a missions-hearted church is church that has its heart in the right place. So, the question is: will you be missions-minded or will you be missions-hearted? Let me know what you think. Click on “Leave a comment” below to share your thoughts and begin discussion on this post.