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Sports Idols?

Here is a video that demonstrates the folly of idolizing our professional athletes or celebrities in general. Serena’s outburst was one of the worst that I have ever seen. (Which is saying a lot considering I grew up watching John McEnroe play tennis). Serena’s incident as well as Kanye West’s stunt at the MTV VMAs towards Taylor Swift both beg a great question for us not only as Americans, but especially as Christians: should we be idolizing these people? Do we put too much pressure on our athletes and celebrities to be so perfect that their “falls from grace” are becoming increasingly severe? I would be interested to hear your responses.


The Real Deal

st_louis_cardinals_1998-present_logoBaseball season is almost upon us, five days to be exact. Although I am not sure what the season will bring for the St. Louis Cardinals, there is one reality of which I am certain. Albert Pujols is one the greatest players ever to play the game. Most baseball fans would agree with that statement, but here is the follow up that some will disagree with. Albert Pujol’s greatness has nothing to do with his stats. If you try to define Albert’s career by home runs, RBI’s, batting average, or even gold gloves you will have missed the point entirely. Rather than trying to explain here, allow me to offer you a look at a Sports Illustrated article that surfaced recently. Please take the time to read the article and then I believe you will understand why I can make such a statement. Here is the link: The Power to Believe

Another Hero Falls

Baseball and SteroidsAfter reading the news today about A-Rod’s apparent fall from grace I am saddened. Baseball for me as a kid was a noble game, a game where guys with less than stellar physical physiques (Fernando Valenzuela) could step on a mound or in a batter’s box and do amazing feats. Now, it appears that the current sports environment we follow is only going to continue to reveal more and more stories eerily similar to the one we heard about today. If we continue to push our sports heroes to achieve more and more, then ultimately they will end up on the front pages of magazines to their shame instead of on baseball cards to the amazement of little fingers who toss aside stale gum to read their favorite player’s bios and stats. Do kids still trade baseball cards? If they do, I’ve got a Dwight Gooden rookie card in the other room…wait a minute…

I never imagined putting A-Rod in the same category as a Barry Bonds or Pete Rose, but it certainly appears that he has joined this illustrious group. For a fan like me, steroids is cheating, period. There is no rationalizing the use of steroids, it is cheating no matter what spin one tries to place upon the situation. Oh, and be certain…Bud Selig, The Yankees, A-Rod and his agent have already wound up and set loose the spin machine. Today is truly a sad day for baseball. I hope that A-Rod is the end of the story, but I fear it is only the beginning. Who is next? Who will be next to step up to the plate and be discovered not for their achievements on the field, but their posterior injections in the back corner of the locker room? I love the game, I will watch, I will take my boys and buy them a hotdog and peanuts, I will stand and sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” but I will not cheer, overlook, or fawn over players who feel they have to garner a competitive edge through a needle.