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Sabbatical Week 1

Here is a video update of what we have been doing as a family while on sabbatical. Hope that you all enjoy.


Sunday Sermon: Sent (Mark 6:7-12)

The sermon for yesterday dealt specifically with explaining what it means to be sent by Jesus. For us as followers of Jesus Christ we are called and commissioned through the authority of Jesus Christ to go and be His representatives. We don’t need to wait until we are perfect to go or we will never go. We just need to be obedient, realizing that we are completely dependent on Him and that we have an urgent message to deliver which contains a call to action.

Once again, if you have a slower internet connection you can right click on the file, choose “Save Target As” and dowload the file to your hard drive. Once that is complete, you can listen through the media player of your choice. If your internet connection is faster, just click on the file and listen. Here is the link.

Urgent Truth: Sent